Looking bullies in the eye

Wee Ginger Dug

One of the most frustrating things about the Scottish Government has been its seeming reluctance to play hard ball. Too often, it has appeared, the Conservatives at Westminster or the British nationalist press in Scotland come out with some outrageous provocation or outright lie, and the Scottish Government tries to be the calm and sweet voice of reason. It doesn’t work. When you try to placate a bully, you only empower the bully. You only make it more likely that you will be bullied in future. You’re teaching the bully that they will face no negative consequences for their bullying. They’re going to keep bullying you. Bullies will bully you if you keep allowing them to. The only way to tackle them is to stand up, look them squarely in the eye, and tell them that they’re talking shite, tell them that you demand an apology, and in doing so…

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Going on the offensive against the offensive

Wee Ginger Dug

The Daily Mail has today published an apology for its front page screech that Nicola Sturgeon was personally going about the country and ripping Union flegs out of the hands of poor wee sowels whose only crime is to oppose independence, because she hates the English. Or something like that. We’re still waiting for apologies from The Telegraph and The Express, which also indulged themselves in the attempt to strangle Thatessempee with the fleg. What we can sure of, is that when or if those apologies come, just like the apology in The Daily HateMail they’ll be buried somewhere inside the newspaper and won’t receive anything like the same prominence as the original lie itself. All those people who were outraged and angered by the false news plastered all over the front pages will remain outraged and angered.

I’m looking forward to seeing the BBC hunt down Murdo Fraser and…

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What is clear

Wee Ginger Dug

The infighting in the White House is extremely amusing. Petulantly tweeting that you’re a “very stable genius” is a pretty good indicator that you’re no such thing. And then when you tweet “my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart”, you’re coming across as a teenage Valley Girl upset because her parents have taken away her mobile phone. This is after all the man who’s response to Kim Jong-un’s nuclear threats was to tweet that his nuclear button was bigger than Kim’s nuclear button. Although the truth is that his button isn’t any bigger, it’s just that his hands are really tiny.

Most of the planet is hugely entertained by the huge falling out between Trump and Steve Bannon. It’s like Alien Vs Predator only without the social graces and the pleasant personalities. Meanwhile here in Scotland we have the spectacle of the meltdown of…

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Did you know…Scotland is NOT too poor

My Journey to Independence


As most pro-independence supporters do, I grow ever more tired of unionists in Scotland clamouring over themselves to tell us how poor Scotland is. Without our great big neighbours to the south, we’d be a country akin to Haiti.

So I did a little digging this morning and found some facts about Scotland’s economy. After you read them, you decide if Scotland would be not only okay, but probably better off without the UK government absorbing our revenue.

Did you know the value of exports from Scotland (excluding oil and gas) was £23.9 billion last year?

Did you know North Sea oil and gas contributed £35 billion to the UK Treasury in 2014?

Did you know Scottish whisky contributes over £4.25 billion to the UK econonmy (and growing)?

Did you know Scottish whisky accounts for a massive 25% of ALL food and drink revenue in the UK?

Did you know…

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They’re not using what now?

Wee Ginger Dug

A guest post by Samuel Miller

There’s a theme running through unionist political releases of recent times which may bear a little closer scrutiny. Basically, that Scottish Government, critical institutions and services are seemingly always on the brink of catastrophic failure/crisis. More crucially, that the Scottish Government has the powers to deal with these crises, but for some unknown reason they choose not to use these pooowwwweeerrs to fix stuff.

“Our parliament is now more powerful than ever, with all the powers it needs to reverse Tory austerity. – But despite this, our services are still facing £327 million of cuts.” Kezia Dugdale (former) Labour in Scotland leader, January 2017

“Despite the Budget falling on international women’s day, 86 per cent of the austerity policies of Theresa May’s government fall on women. And Nicola Sturgeon could act to help stop this, but she refuses to stand in the way,” John…

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Kill me, just kill me now

Me to!

Wee Ginger Dug

It’s here. The British government have finally come up with a solution to all the many problems facing this country. After much work, complex and taxing negotiations, and intensive effort, they have the answer to all the technical and political issues that bedevil Brexit. They have come up with the resolution to the poverty and growing chasm between the rich getting ever richer and the rest of us. They know how to deal with social injustice and inequality. They’re having another royal wedding.

Oh God. Kill me. Kill me now. I don’t know if I can cope with another six months of royal wedding preparations and Nicolas Witchellgasms on what passes for the news. It was bad enough with Willnkate. Now Meghanarry has already started, and it’s going to go on, and on, and interminably on for the next twelve months. North Korean state news is more critical about Kim…

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They didn’t crush us with Francoism

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The Spanish state has clearly not learned any lessons, and as I feared the support it has received from the EU and the international community has only emboldened it in its harsh and hardline stance against any negotiations with supporters of Catalan indepedence. In a major escalation today (Thursday), the Spanish High Court has decided to imprison Oriol Junqueras who is the Catalan Vice-President, and half of the Catalan government. Also imprisoned are Raül Romeva the secretary for External and Institutional Relations, Dolors Bassa i Coll the Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Families, Joaquim Forn the Minister of the Interior, Josep Rull the Secretary for Territory and Sustainability, Jordi Turull the Secretary to the Presidency, Meritxell Borràs the Secretary for Local Government and Public Administration, and Carles Mundó the Justice Secretary. The Secretary for Business and Education, Santi Vila i Vicente was freed on bail of 50,000 €. Vila…

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