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An English man voting YES

Auld Acquaintance

As the Independence Referendum debate(can you really call it that?) heads into its last few weeks, the headlines and the attacks are getting ever more frantic.
Why on earth is this, aren’t the Say Naws winning this? The polls tell us so, the newspapers tell us so, Better to Worse tells us so,the BBC tells us so. So why are they so frantic?

We have had a million and one scare stories of what might happen to us if Scotland dared to become Independent, we have had all the union jack waving events of the Queens jubilee and the London Olympics, and finally the hearkening back to World War one when we together beat off the Hun, we have had the meaningless Love bombing by has been celebrities. What more could we possibly ask for?

All we ever hoped for and never got, was sensible adult debate and discussion,but that…

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Beep Beep Boop

Auld Acquaintance

An undecided voter surprised me today by producing the Scotland Votes pamphlet produced by the Electoral Commission who are overseeing the voting in the referendum and have been distributing this pamphlet to all the households in the land, with the objective of encouraging everyone to vote in this referendum. This is indeed a noble and worthwhile objective.

But as they produced this pamphlet, what happened next surprised me..
They said, “close your eyes, now open them”, as they opened up the pamphlet in the middle..
They then said to me, “What is the word that jumps out at you?”

The word was NO

The part the pamphlet had been opened at had a page on the YES campaign to the left, and a page by better together on the right.
The YES page had a small YES logo, the Better Together page had a large NO thanks logo which dwarfed…

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Directly addressing the questions of Undecided and No(ish) voters is now more crucial than ever

Not all the difficulties are answered, but maybe enough?

This Little Earth

As we enter the final weeks of the referendum campaign, a number of key question still exist for No and Undecided voters, but in many cases such individuals feel that there are just one or two hurdles blocking their path to voting Yes. With that in mind, here is a quick response to some of the most persistent questions.

Aren’t there risks to us becoming independent?
Yes there are and, while the No campaign are keen to paint Yes campaigners are denying this, everyone accepts that there are some risks to Scotland gaining independence from the UK. The argument, in essence, is that these risks are small, manageable, and worth taking, giving that the prize is the chance to build a better country. Risk is an emotive issue, but human beings deal with risk every day – every single thing we do involves risk. Of course, no discussion of the…

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