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Heartfelt best wishes for 2014 to my friends all over the world where ever you may be.I hope that you get to achieve all that you plan and dream. In particular, I wish that Scotland votes to be free from the shackles of the past, (even with wee Ek in charge!) that Cornwall digs that extension to the Tamar you have talked about and becomes an island (you know you want to!) and conservatives (with a small c ) realise they were wrong and vote labour! (a big ask that, still you never know) Make it a great year folks.


Promo live!

The promo for my poems “Water Rising” and some stories for children “Starry night Stories” are live on Amazon Kindle.

Please spread the word!


Two of my books are on promo at Amazon Kindle starting Tue 3rd December.
They are “Starry Night Stories” (for children and non-squeamish adults!!) and “Water Rising” a collection of my poems.