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After Elizabeth BB

After Elizabeth BB


How do I love you? Let me count the ways.

I love you as the horses love the sun

Turning to its heat after long cold night

Steam, rising from flanks dew-wet

When morning time has just begun


I love you like the aftermath of rain

Sweetening the summer day

Each drop is sucked deep, into soil

Each leaf reluctant to let fall

Scent of brick and new laid dust

Dawdle in the lazy air

Drying deltas trouble ants

That forage, busy everywhere


I love you as the kestrel loves the wind

Hanging on liquid air

Her slender shadow grazes reeds, she

Stoops, before the vole can know,

Rips out the heart and lays it bare


I love you as the horizon loves the hills

Crisp in autumn light

The frost still clings to every stalk and leaf

Except where sun has licked the edge

With innocent delight.


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