Out in the country, just as night is falling and the birds are going to bed, the Hedgehogs line up at the top of a long steep hill, rush over the top, roll into a ball and race each other to the bottom.


My what a sight they look! Their spikes pick up all sorts of stuff on the way down, like leaves and things and they look very silly! Of course when several races have been completed most of the things that can get stuck on the spikes have been picked up. This is when the Hedgehogs get most excited and achieve the highest speeds.

The rolling speed of a clean Hedgehog is much less than a leaf covered one, by the way. So collecting leaves before a race is banned as unfair tactics.

There are rules you know!


What not many people know that Hedgehogs are speed mad! They are just crazy for fast sports!

They like ice hockey, stock-car racing, free-fall parachuting and many more. (you can probably think of lots of sports they would like)

One of the fastest sports is down hill tobogganing at the famous ‘Cresta Run’ where you can get up to 90 miles an hour on ice! All Hedgehogs have a lifetime ambition to take part in this event if at all possible.


As you all know Hedgehogs are those small animals covered in fine spikes that are mostly famous for liking milk and curling up into a ball if they are scared.

If you look carefully at a Hedgehog you will see he has only short legs.

And to be honest he is a bit short sighted.

Not perfect for fast sports you may think?

But you would be wrong. You see it is the Hedgehogs ability to curl up into a ball that is a really useful aid to speed.


Well as you can guess, the top speed of a rolling Hedgehog on grass isn’t very high and they crave for more dangerous and faster places to race.

Skateboard ramps are good, if you are a Hedgehog living in town next to the Park but these ramps are not long enough to make a satisfactory race track.

Those big tubes, that you can reach by ladder or steps, are perfect but for a small creature like a Hedgehog, very difficult to climb.

I expect you can think of some exciting places they could try for yourself?


Well now you have probably guessed why they play Croquet with Alice and the Flamingos?

That is right.

Its their greed for speed!



Curling up into a ball ready for the Flamingo to bat them at tremendous pace through the Croquet hoops, is very exciting for the Hedgehogs.


Of course the Hedgehogs are an important element in the game. They can even decide who will win!

(You will discover when you read the story that the hoops sometimes move to let the Red Queen get her Hedgehog through them.)

What most people don’t know is that the Hedgehogs can swerve as they are rolling along, and direct themselves through the hoops!

But if the person playing isn’t very nice, then they sometimes swerve to miss!

This causes lots of trouble but no one blames the Hedgehogs as their ability isn’t well known.


The Hedgehogs sometimes uncurl and run off if the person playing them is too slow. They run off to find a fast player. One who can hit them really fast and satisfy their greed for speed!


Now you now why they play Croquet, Hedgehogs are speed mad!

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I am in my seventies and live in the west coast of Scotland, with the sea at the bottom of my garden. I have been variously, a sculptor an art teacher, designer, inventor, organic grower and last but never least, a blue water sailor. By the way, I have been telling stories and writing nonsense all my life!

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