More tales of Michael the spurred (part four)

Being hit by Boris caused the mast to fall down on Michael‘s boat, but Princess saved herself (her claws were very sharp) so that was all right. The giant squid agreed to tow them back to the harbour, providing Michael untied his arms, which of course he did. On the way to the harbour they passed close to the racing-green turtle (leaving it to starboard, as you do) with the Siren sitting on its back.
The Siren made a small snorting noise when she looked at Michael, followed by a weak almost-giggle, followed by a burst of unmistakable SINGING! Her face became red, animated and totally un-Siren like for a moment at the sight of Michael’s squid-ink splattered countenance. (whew that was close, she was nearly turned into a Goldfish!) Michael thought she sang quite nicely, but was too worried about his boat to pay much heed.
At the harbour entrance there was panic at the sight of the giant squid with its arms wrapped around a boat and it took Michael some time to convince the Mayor that all was well. (the locals were rather deaf as they stuffed wax into their ears to guard against the Siren) When all was explained, and they understood that the giant squid wanted to get away from the singing Siren (and motorboats) and would live with Michael and Princess everyone was overjoyed. (and the Mayor declared a Fiesta!)
Some weeks later, when Michael had set up as a specialist Olive Bread Baker in a little house just out of town, (with a grotto in the garden for the squid) the Mayor sent one of his daughters to see the house was kept neat and tidy. Now it must be admitted that Michael the spurred had a particular problem with holes in his socks, so he was grateful for her help. Also the mayor’s daughter had this habit of lifting up her waist length hair, when the day was hot, revealing a perfect nape to her neck! So, what with the abundance of fresh fish for Princes and the endless supply of delicious olives, they all lived happily ever after. (even Boris) THE END

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I am in my seventies and live in the west coast of Scotland, with the sea at the bottom of my garden. I have been variously, a sculptor an art teacher, designer, inventor, organic grower and last but never least, a blue water sailor. By the way, I have been telling stories and writing nonsense all my life!

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