More tales of Michael the spurred (part three)

Michael and the Siren, part three 

When Michael the spurred asked about olives they all waved their hands about and pointed in different directions, shouting all the louder! One thing seemed clear however; nearby there was a damsel sitting on a rock (or something like that?) who had a long tale. Back home in the dark winter months all the Knights would gather in the great hall of the castle and listen to the Story Teller (for there was not much else to do) so Michael was keen on hearing long tales. (he was also a bad speller!)
All was going well, and the intrepid olive hunters were nearing the rock when a Giant Squid with a headache started to climb aboard their boat. Now dragons were something Michael could deal with and sea dragons were no different, so after some slight problem getting his helmet on (it was rusty) battle commenced. The fight was hot and furious (Princess climbed the mast and twitched her tail) and the squid had this frightful habit of spitting black ink, as well as having too many arms. But eventually Michael remembered his evening classes on how to tie sailors knots and began to rolling-hitch the squid’s arms together.
“I say, said the squid, that’s a tad unfair”
“Sorry, said Michael, but so is spitting, just look at the state of my sword!”
“Well all right, said the squid, I suppose I can see your point, lets stop this anyhow my headache is getting worse.”
“Oh dear, said Michael, what caused it?”
“It’s that idiot in a powerboat, said the squid, him and the Siren singing.” (it is not very well known, but squids are musically challenged)
Just then the roaring noise which had been getting louder became ear-splitting and a fast silver powerboat careened into the side of their craft.
It was Boris!
He had been doing so well, showing off to the Siren and taking her for a ride. Now squinting at his instruments with his right eye (wrong one!) he could just make out a gratifying speed of 22 knots! Then looking ahead with his left eye there seemed to be something in the water?

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I am in my seventies and live in the west coast of Scotland, with the sea at the bottom of my garden. I have been variously, a sculptor an art teacher, designer, inventor, organic grower and last but never least, a blue water sailor. By the way, I have been telling stories and writing nonsense all my life!

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