Things are not as they seem

“Stand, and throw down your weapons,” he demanded, covering the sorry looking bunch with his pre-Fall fowling piece.

            Slowly the trio stood up and turned lazily to face the line of Monks.  Trez stepped forwards, her bright smile glowing.

            “How nice,” she said, “to send us an escort, and such lovely clean boys.”

            To his intense embarrassment the young man with the gun found that he had allowed Trez to take hold of his arm and gaze up innocently at him while pressing her naked hip against his cassock. It came as a shock when the tip of Hal’s knife pricked delicately under his ear and Hal spoke quietly at his side.

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About mikeinkwazi

I am in my seventies and live in the west coast of Scotland, with the sea at the bottom of my garden. I have been variously, a sculptor an art teacher, designer, inventor, organic grower and last but never least, a blue water sailor. By the way, I have been telling stories and writing nonsense all my life!

3 responses to “Things are not as they seem”

  1. justmoo33 says :

    That bit made me smile when I was reading the book.

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