Michael the spurred, part four

Tales of Michael the spurred

The Princess and the E-type

After Michael explained to the King that the Dragon had given up its bad ways and was going to come and live with him just outside town and flattening the silver E-type really wasn‘t their fault as it had run into them on a blind bend, (Boris should have been wearing his spectacles) the population calmed down and the King declared a Holiday.
About a month later, when Michael had put away his sword and armour and settled down to baking bread and muffins, (he did a rare trade in muffins as every one wanted to feed them to the Dragon) the local Witch paid him a visit.
“Good morning Michael” she said.
“Morning, he said, sorry I can’t shake hands I’m covered in flour.”
“That’s all right, she said, I have just come to see the Dragon and bring you a present.” So she put the lidded basket she was carrying on a chair and went out to chat with the Dragon who was coiled up snoozing under a tree in the back yard.
Later that day, when the baking was done and he had washed, Michael became curious as to what was in the basket. He opened the lid and out stepped a cat! The cat stretched languorously, sat and licked one honey-blonde paw and gazed up at Michael with her serious green eyes.
“I’ll call you Princess” said Michael. So he did.
And they all lived happily ever after. (even Boris!)


PS there is a story about Michael the spurred going sailing, but I’ll tell it to you another time

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I am in my seventies and live in the west coast of Scotland, with the sea at the bottom of my garden. I have been variously, a sculptor an art teacher, designer, inventor, organic grower and last but never least, a blue water sailor. By the way, I have been telling stories and writing nonsense all my life!

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