The Drip Game

It is mid May and the sailing season should be in full swing here in the west coast of Scotland. Alas there have only been five fine days since the beginning of April. I know this as I went sailing on all of them! There are some compensations however, one of them being the drip game. It works like this.
After walking down the pontoon, braced against the intermittent rain squalls with hat pulled down an collar pulled up, I climb aboard and slide open the hatch.
There are of course the familiar small puddles where the hatch slides let in rain when the weather is from astern. The bit of temporary canvas in lieu of a cockpit cover, came off again in the night. (Memo: call Roddy about making a cover for the umpteenth time)
I wipe up the puddles and put on the kettle. The small amount of water on the hob has comes from another source . Ah yes, a tiny fingernail sized drip on the grab handle under the porthole. (Memo: stop reading technical literature about better bedding compounds and use the old stuff!) While the kettle mutters its quiet song about rather using gas as spirit stoves take forever, I start the drip-hunt.
This game can be played with any number of like minded people but is better solo as then the fruity language can be unrestrained.

I put my stories for children ‘Starry Night Stories’ and my collection of poems ‘Water Rising’ on Kindle last week, in case you missed them.

The big book is coming, roll on the 25th of May!


About mikeinkwazi

I am in my seventies and live in the west coast of Scotland, with the sea at the bottom of my garden. I have been variously, a sculptor an art teacher, designer, inventor, organic grower and last but never least, a blue water sailor. By the way, I have been telling stories and writing nonsense all my life!

One response to “The Drip Game”

  1. justmoo33 says :

    Now I’m feeling cold! Grabbed poems and stories. Um, I found I like poetry after all! Favourite so far is Sunblinded 🙂

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