Stooges of the Kremlin

Wee Ginger Dug

There was an editorial in the Guardian yesterday titled “Tackling the troll state”. For a wee moment I thought it was about Theresa May’s government trolling the people of Scotland, but then reality kicked in and I realised that this was the Guardian. It was really about Theresa May and the Russians. No one in the British media gives a toss about the unilateral dismantling of the devolution settlement by the British government. Not so much nerve gas as they’ve got some nerve.

For most of the Scottish media, the Salisbury nerve gas affair gives them another excuse, as if another excuse was required, to attack Thatalicsammin. This is after all what the British nationalist media in Scotland lives for. They’re even more upset than Thatalicsammin is that he’s no longer an elected politician in a position of power. The webpage of Thursday’s Herald contained no less than three prominent…

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The DIY project

Wee Ginger Dug

We’re in the calm before the storm. A constitutional crisis is on the horizon and is heading our way, when it breaks it could threaten the entire basis of the devolution settlement and undermine the foundations of the British state. It could be the thread that unravels what passes for a Union and leads to another independence referendum. So in this period of relative calm, it’s perhaps a good idea to get back to basics, and to restate the fundamentals of Scottish independence.

Contrary to the much propagated myth so beloved of British nationalist politicians and the British nationalist press, the number of Scottish independence activists who want independence because they hate the English can be counted on the fingers of a boxing glove. The number who are actually prominent and influential in the campaign are even fewer than the number of people who’ve sat through a speech by James…

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Extra cherries on the Brexit cake

roll on UDI

Wee Ginger Dug

The Prime Minister Theresa May delivered her much anticipated speech on Brexit on Friday, in which she was expected to lay out some detail about what sort of Brexit the UK hopes to achieve. This was Theresa’s long awaited “Road to Brexit” speech, a phrase which half the country can no longer hear without humming along to the song Road to Nowhere by Talking Heads.

You knew that the speech was going to be full of meaningless guff as soon as she started because one of the first things she said was “I want to be straight with people.”  That’s always a bad sign from Theresa May.  She was going to make a pitch to the entire UK to get together behind her vision of Brexit, so there was a lot of waffle of the sort that you get from a reality show contestant who’s making a plea not to…

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The real reason they call it Perfidious Albion

Wee Ginger Dug

While the nations of the UK are snowed under by the Beast from the East, the bumblin from London is getting mired in the shit from Brexit. On Wednesday the EU published the first draft of the terms of the UK’s exit from the EU, which was based on things that the UK government had agreed to last year in order to progress negotiations to the next stage. Predictably, the British government has reacted to the draft treaty with yet another illustration of the origins of the phrase “Perfidious Albion”.

Theresa May, doing an extremely convincing impression of a Prime Minister who has no clue what has been going on for these past eighteen months or so, reacted with umbrage, outrage, and just plain old harrumphage. No British Prime Minister could possibly agree to the things that Theresa had agreed to in December, and she has no idea why Michel…

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Queen to…

Peter A Bell

For some months now I have been attempting to placate those who have expressed impatience with Nicola Sturgeon by assuring them that she has a plan. A plan which involves letting the British government make the case for the moves she intends to make. Moves such as the introduction of the Continuity Bill. It has been a matter of gradually ramping up the response level as the actions of British Ministers grow more explicitly confrontational.

It’s all about proportionality. For many of us, it was plain enough to see that the British government intended to use the Brexit process as an opportunity weaken the Scottish Parliament – which British Nationalists regard as a potential obstacle to their ‘One nation’ state; not to mention it being a deterrent to the kind of predatory corporate interests with which the British state will be obliged to do business after Brexit. But this…

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Passport out of Pimlico

Wee Ginger Dug

Jeremy Corbyn has announced that he wants the UK to stay in ‘a’ customs union with the EU, which in some indetermined manner is different from ‘the’ customs union. The difference, according to Jezza, is that the UK will not passively accept all the EU’s rules and will continue to make its own trade deals, scenarios which the EU has already said are not viable options. It does sound suspiciously like another version of cake having and eating, but at least it’s got the Tories choking on it. So that’s a result.

It’s not that the Leader of the Opposition has suddenly been converted to a soft Brexit, he remains as much of a hard Brexiteer as he ever was. It’s just that he sees the prospect of defeating the Conservatives in a vote on the issue in the Commons, thanks to a number of Conservative rebels. Labour’s position on…

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The blame game

Wee Ginger Dug

Brexit’s going pear-shaped. It’s aw gaun wrang, but it’s not because the British government possesses the negotiating skills of a three year old in the middle of a temper tantrum. Oh no. It’s not because Brexiteers have decided that the best way to deal with the issue of the Irish border is to treat it like a suspicious rash and ignore it in the hope that it will go away. It’s certainly not because Theresa May is trying to achieve an outcome which only exists in a parallel universe where David Davis strides the world stage like a colossus and the EU falls over itself to offer Britain everything it wants without any consequences. That’s the universe where you still have your cake long after it’s passed through of your digestive tract and out the other end to grace the contents of a Conservative party political broadcast. It’s not even…

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