The Ice Queen’s sandcastle

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After the devastating defeat of the government’s Brexit deal on Tuesday, came Wednesday’s vote of confidence called by Jeremy Corbyn. As expected, those Tories who voted down the central policy of their own government yesterday lined up to support it today. They might hate Theresa May’s deal, but they hate Jeremy Corbyn even more. The government has survived, it’s alive but not living.

After the vote, Theresa May came out of Downing Street to address the UK from a podium. “It’s time to put self-interest aside,” said the woman who’s done nothing but pursue self-interest for the past two and a half years. The speech was very much in line with her Brexit strategy to date, which is to waste everyone’s time. The only thing this brief speech had going for it was that it only wasted a couple of minutes of everyone’s time, instead of two and a half…

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The Great British Pseudocracy

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Theresa May is currently engaged in a competition with Donald Trump to see which of the two of them can get away with the most lies. If she is in a competition with Trump, she’s narrowly in the lead. It’s the only plausible explanation for the Prime Minister’s curious lack of attachment to reality. It’s either that or she’s a sociopathic liar who has as much respect for the truth as Jacob Rees Mogg does for thrash metal music. Still, at least no one could accuse her of being secretly an agent for the Kremlin. Just being an agent for the Daily Mail, which is arguably worse.

Welcome to life in the UK in the 21st century. Welcome to this British state where Scotland was assured it would be respected and valued as an equal partner in the most perfect union of nations in the history of the multiverse. Only…

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The problem with Holyrood

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This year the Scottish Parliament becomes 20 years old. For the past 20 years Scotland has had a forum to express its national will, we have seen a parliament restored to our capital city and for the first time in the history of this ancient nation the people have enjoyed the exercise of mass democracy. Scotland has discovered that it is exceptionally good at the democratic process, that our democratic instincts run strong and deep. After all, this is a land which is able to conduct a debate about independence, a debate which in most countries is conducted with violence, states of emergency, disappearances, and bombs and bullets. Yet the complaints in Scotland centre largely on people being unpleasant to one another on social media.

In normal countries the anniversary of the re-establishment of the national parliament would be the occasion for celebration, for a spot of pride, for a…

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Stupid is as stupid does

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The British government unveiled its new immigration policy today, and as we’ve come to expect from this government it’s petty, cruel, restrictive and nasty. EU citizens will in the future have to earn over £30,000 a year in order to apply for residency in the UK. What the government didn’t say was that UK citizens who wish to reside in the EU will doubtless be subject to similar restrictions in future. Meanwhile all those UK citizens who reside in EU countries have been left in limbo.

Theresa May is obsessed with immigration. She is pandering to the nasty xenophobes who infest the comments sections of the press. Just yesterday there was a story in the Herald about a businessman in Scotland who is originally from Bangladesh. He has been refused permanent right to remain in the UK despite having lived here legally for 15 years and owning a successful business…

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The definition of tyranny

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Despite the fact that it is clear to everyone that there is no support for Theresa May’s Brexit deal in Parliament, the Prime Minister blindly and stubbornly refuses to countenance any alternatives. We have a Prime Minister who heads a government which has, at every turn, attempted to block the MPs the people have resturned to this supposedly sovereign Parliament from having their say. She has stated that her government will use so-called Henry VIII powers and will make law by fiat. She allowed MPs to express their opinions for just three days then pulled the rug from underneath Parliament and refuses to have a vote because those MPs will give her an answer not to her liking. Her government was found in contempt of Parliament but instead of apologising and seeking reconciliation, she has merely redoubled her efforts to continue along the same path.

Theresa May is immune to…

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The unwitting midwives of independence

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Do you know your place yet Scottish people? The media and the Tories would like you to believe that the Scottish government was slapped down by the UK Supreme Court this week. The Court struck down important parts of the Scottish Government’s EU Continuity Bill, passed with the support of all parties except the Tories, so that’s youse telt, Jocks.

Only it’s not quite as simple as that. Despite the best efforts of Adam IT’S THE LAW Tomkins and the massed ranks of apologists for the British state in the social and traditional media to claim otherwise, the court ruled that the Continuity Bill had indeed been within the competence of Holyrood. That is until the UK Government retrospectively changed the rules to ensure that it wouldn’t be. Between the time of Holyrood’s Continuity Bill being referred to the court and the judgement, Theresa May’s government passed its own bill…

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That’s a fine forfochten fanklefyke the Tories have got us into

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Yesterday the story could have been Labour’s to tell. Jeremy Corbyn could have stamped the Labour party’s mark on Brexit and alongside the SNP, the Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru, and the Greens he could have brought forward a motion of no confidence in the government and shown that there is substantial and principled opposition within the UK to the selfish insanity of a Conservative Brexit. He might very well have lost that vote, but it would have been close, and today Labour would be commanding the news agenda, demonstrating that sense and reason is possible in British politics.

They blew it. They blew it for the exact same reason that Theresa May blew it. They lacked the courage to take it to a vote. They lacked the understanding of symbolism in politics. They lacked vision. Now no one is talking about how the Labour party can seize control of the…

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