Brexit Day blues

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There’s a belief amongst sections of the independence movement that after Brexit happens Scotland will lose its ability to hold an independence referendum and so we need to hold an independence referendum before March 2019, otherwise we’ll never be able to hold one at all. In a similar vein there are those who assert that after Brexit, the UK would never recognise the outcome of an indy vote, and so we need to have one before 29 March 2019 otherwise Westminster would keep Scotland a part of the UK even if a majority of the Scottish electorate has voted for independence.

I’m not sure where these ideas of Brexit Day blues for independence come from, but the good news is that they are not true. Categorically. Definitely. Absolutely. Not true. Brexit destroys many things, but it doesn’t destroy Scotland’s hopes of independence.

The EU was not and never was a…

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More offensive than a Boris Johnson opinion piece

Wee Ginger Dug

The nightmare is chapping at the door. The ultimate worst case scenario, everything that Better Together told us back in 2014 that only a No vote could protect us from is in the street, peering in through the windaes, about to get in. Boris Johnson as Prime Minister presiding over the hardest Brexit imaginable. It’s almost upon us. The next few weeks are going to be defining ones in the history of Scotland. The election of Boris Johnson would be the bilingual Gaelic language sign on the road to independence that tells us there can be no going back, because there is nothing to go back to. If Boris Johnson becomes leader of the Conservatives, it means that the UK which Scotland was told it was voting to remain a part of has, to use Johnson’s own widely condemned words, strapped a suicide belt around itself.

It’s not just that…

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There is no cheat mode

The wee dog is spot on as usual

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There’s a very interesting, thoughtful, and well-considered blog article doing the rounds on social media, which posits the view that it’s possible that Scotland could become independent if the Scottish Government develops its own written constitution, without any need for a referendum or plebiscite election.

It’s a nice idea, but here’s the thing. There is no cheat mode in the constitutional game. There are no short cuts. There are no back doors. There is no magic bullet. The only way that Scotland can achieve independence – and crucially have that independence recognised by the international community – is following a popular vote in which a majority of the Scottish electorate explicitly opt for independence and provide a cast iron popular mandate for the creation of an independent Scottish state. That’s it. That’s the only way. No other options are available. No other routes are open to us.

These legalistic schemes…

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The bridge over troubled waters

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August is traditionally a slow news month. August is usually the month that those of us who write and blog about political developments get to put our feet up, eat junk food, and watch crap on the telly, while complaining that Impossible is a whole lot crappier than Pointless and adding it to the ever lengthening list of things that pisses us off about the BBC. But not this week. This week has been a newsmaggedon.

This week we’ve had the annual GERSmas festivities of North British mediocrity, an occasion traditionally celebrated on Scottish social media with the production of a graph showing that Scotland is somewhere behind Zimbabwe in the economic competence leagues. A graph which equally traditionally fails to point out that it’s the UK Parliament which has its paws very firmly on the economic levers that have led to this situation, if in fact it were true.

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A Constitution For Scotland

A good simple document.

Grouse Beater

485.jpgHolyrood in session – the Sovereign Parliament of Scotland


A constitution guarantees liberty and citizen rights under the law. It is the foundation of civil liberties. It tells other nations of our values and standards. It sets out the principles by which we hope to live. It bedevils elected authority that dares to become a tyranny.

The current administration of our nation led by the Scottish National Party, published an outline for  a Constitution, a temporary “skeleton” version, a full version promised when Scotland regains independence, their version solely concerned with the transition from UK region to a fully autonomous state. That’s fine as far as it goes but swathes of it are irrelevant to an independent state.

Sadly, the outline avoids challenging existing conventions and shibboleths, probably a deliberate ploy to avoid upsetting voters. This Constitution has controversial elements. Nevertheless, those seeking guidance about specific aspects of the change-over are…

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The propaganda department

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A report has just been published by the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee of the House of Commons. The House of Commons report was written by anti-independence MPs, largely from England. It consists of 11 MPs, five of whom are Conservative, five Labour, and only one SNP. The sole SNP MP on the committee is the only MP representing a Scottish constituency. So this is a committee which has no particular insight into Scotland, and no special sympathy for the Scottish Parliament, but even they recognise that Theresa May’s government’s handling of devolved issues in the wake of the Brexit referendum has been woeful. It lays the blame for the acrimony and anger which has been generated firmly at the door of the Conservative government and notes that current inter-governmental mechanisms are not fit for purpose.

Wee Wullie Rennie, remember him? He’s been quoted having a wee ribbit that…

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Meaningful consequences

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It is now official. The UK is leaving the EU on the basis of a corrupt campaign that was conducted illegally. Vote Leave has been fined a record amount by the Electoral Commission for breaches of electoral law during the EU referendum campaign. The Electoral Commission has taken the further step, reserved for the most serious breaches, of referring the matter to the police. The Commission found that Vote Leave had spent some £500,000 more on advertising than it was legally permitted to do so, money which it largely spent on targetted advertising on social media. Dodgy donations, dodgy democracy.

A 22 year old fashion student, Darren Grimes, who until now most of us had thought was that guy from the Walking Dead, received £675,000 as a prezzy from Vote Leave. Only he never actually received it, and Vote Leave just spent this money “on his behalf”. Vote Leave did…

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