Scotland won’t be silenced

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Today, Thursday, The National is publishing a special edition to mark the commencement of a new stage in Scotland’s campaign for independence. Make sure you buy a copy. Give it to your friends and family. The disgraceful treatment of Scottish concerns by the Conservative government in Westminster this week finally puts to rest any pretence that Scotland can make its voice heard in the Westminster parliament. That’s why it’s all the more important that those of us who do have Scotland’s interests at heart refuse to be silenced, refuse to be quiet, refuse to be well behaved and compliant good little Jocks and Jockesses.

It’s not merely that Tories are gonna Tory, it’s that the rules of the Palace of Westminster and its archaic pretendy democracy mean that Scotland was not and is never going to get a fair hearing in that place.  The rules of Westminster mean that Scotland…

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The sixth circle of devolution hell

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The Tories talk a lot about how Brexit means taking back control. Except for viewers in Scotland. For Scotland Brexit does also mean taking back control, it’s just that the control is being taken back by Westminster. The devolution settlement has taken years, indeed decades, to thrash out, yet this Conservative government has unilaterally trashed it in just a few minutes.

Today in the Commons we had Prime Minister’s Questions, a chance to ask Theresa May directly about her government’s shameful treatment of the devolution process and its repeated failure to allow any debate or discussion in the Commons. Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t really interested. So no surprise there then. It fell to the SNP.

After attempts during PMQs to raise the lack of democratic accountability, the lack of a voice for Scotland in the House of Commons during yesterday’s proceedings, the SNP’s Westminster leader was offered an immediate vote on…

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Mission accomplished

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Remember when we said that Donald Trump would start WW3 on Twitter and we thought it was a joke? There he was the other day boasting about how smart his missiles are, which made everyone wonder if the missiles wouldn’t be a more intelligent American president, and now along with Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron he’s gone and blown up Syria. Or more accurately has blown up Syria a bit more than it has already been blown up.

At least I managed to get back home from my holidays before it broke out. Yay! I live just 25 miles away from the biggest nuclear arms dump on the planet and it is totally not a target for the Russians in the event of Armageddon. Thanks Jackie Baillie! I feel so safe now. In the seconds before the whole Clyde Valley is blown to pieces in the blast the people of…

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You get what you give

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A guest post by Samuel Miller

You know, I still can’t get my head round it. So many questions and so few answers. Especially given the headlines of the past few weeks. Questions are good though. For instance, just what makes some people put others in harms way? Why mislead to manipulate opinion, when you know others will suffer? When the political class sit down for their triangulation sessions, debate their tactics and strategies over tea and biscuits and such, (or is it latte and biscotti these days? *shrugs*). Do they even for an instant consider the impact of their actions? Is winning the argument, the power, the advantage, so important that they forget the why of ‘government of the people, by the people for the people’?

When did it become a competition, a sport? When did win at all costs include laying waste to the prize? Make…

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Union? What Union?

Grouse Beater

507A study of Scots parliamentarians – still in session after1707 – at Lord Provost’s banquet.

Glancing through some intelligent and some not so bright posts on a social website I noticed one irritant who had only one argument: Scotland lost it sovereignty on signing the Union of the Crowns. Post after post banged the same nail with a sledgehammer. I groped for the mouse on my desk and clicked it to Thinking Enabled. I have no idea what makes people say such stupid things but whatever it is, it works.

A double bed

Unionist politicians who declare Scotland a basket case, yet are useless at economics because they can’t count with their shoes on, should start to feel insecure right now. The Act of Union is not an entrenched ‘forever’ contract. It is a statement of co-operation that is negotiable and renewable.

As English politicians constantly demonstrate, its clauses and conditions can be…

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HOOP: Hands Off Our Parliament

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There’s an important event taking place in Edinburgh tomorrow. HOOP, Hands Off Our Parliament is a demonstration outside Holyrood to show the Conservative government that we the people of Scotland value the devolved parliament which we voted for, and that we will not sit back quietly while Theresa May and her minions use Brexit, something Scotland voted against, as an excuse to diminish and undermine the devolution settlement, something Scotland voted for. This is Scotland’s parliament, not Westminster’s toy.

Tomorrow’s event aims to form a human chain, hand in hand around the Scottish Parliament in a symbolic gesture of protection. The event starts at 10am and goes on until 5pm. The dug will be there, and so will I, so if you do plan to come along it will be great to meet you. You don’t have to attend for the whole day, just come along and show your support…

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Stooges of the Kremlin

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There was an editorial in the Guardian yesterday titled “Tackling the troll state”. For a wee moment I thought it was about Theresa May’s government trolling the people of Scotland, but then reality kicked in and I realised that this was the Guardian. It was really about Theresa May and the Russians. No one in the British media gives a toss about the unilateral dismantling of the devolution settlement by the British government. Not so much nerve gas as they’ve got some nerve.

For most of the Scottish media, the Salisbury nerve gas affair gives them another excuse, as if another excuse was required, to attack Thatalicsammin. This is after all what the British nationalist media in Scotland lives for. They’re even more upset than Thatalicsammin is that he’s no longer an elected politician in a position of power. The webpage of Thursday’s Herald contained no less than three prominent…

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